Jawai Leopard Camp in Western Rajasthan


Situated in the gloriously pretty Aravalli Hills, near Bera in Western Rajasthan, and created by the inimitable Sujan team, the camp lies in the heart of an untrammeled wilderness where leopards roam wild and free.  Jawai Leopard Camp is Sujan’s latest, tented masterpiece and it opens to guests early next year.  It is already open for reservations.

Staying true to their conservation goals and without compromising comfort, Jawai Leopard Camp has 8 luxurious tents, each with oodles of space and privacy, and immaculate, attached bathrooms.  They sit in a stunning landscape surrounded by craggy granite formations of caves, kopjes, Anogeissus scrub and winding sand riverbeds. They are an exemplary tented model in the world of preservation, and Sujan camps generally are a reflection of the owners’ environmental awareness and their camps’ low impact on the environment as a whole.

Designed with a timeless flourish of pale canvas, stainless steel and leather accoutrements, each tent at Jawai is abutted by a private deck that looks out, with unobstructed views, over the dramatic wilderness around. An inviting Dining Tent and a scattering of discreetly located, comfortable ‘resting’ areas to unwind in, form part of the Encampment whilst the spry Spa Tent is tucked discreetly and peacefully away, ensuring no massage is disturbed. The celebrated artisan, Michael Aram, showcases his fabulous collection of decorative artefacts – hand-crafted using age-old traditions of Indian workmanship – which complete the winsome furnishings.  The overall effect is one of sleek, contemporary design with mono-tone, sophisticated colour schemes, and comfort bursting out at every seam!

In keeping with the owners’ passion for wildlife and extraordinary eye for detail, Jawai is an exciting and hugely stylish addition to the Rajasthan wildlife scene and allows access to a lesser visited but beautiful area of the state which is rich in fauna.  The Camp lies minutes upstream of Jawai Bandh (dam), one of Western Rajasthan’s largest water reservoirs and a sparkling attraction for an array of migratory birds, including flamingos, geese and cranes.   Being in the heart of ‘leopard country’, leopards are Jawai’s predominant attraction and a thriving population of these felines has always roamed across this region. Guests may track these usually elusive big cats with the camp’s experienced trackers and drivers, travelling in excellent, customised 4×4 safari jeeps.

Nor is the leopard, the only resident here; the rarely seen Indian wolf, sloth bear, antelope and a profusion of smaller game co-exists alongside the vibrant Rabari herdsmen who have shared this landscape with wildlife, for centuries. TheRabari’s in turn, signify the organic and continuing link between local culture and wildlife, a relationship which Sujan is deeply committed to nurturing, in the face of rapid change.

Jawai’s beautifully remote location, combined with the unique flavour and customs of this land, provide an entirely different, rural wildlife experience from other parts of Rajasthan, yet there is an abundance of heritage around for those also keen on the cultural side of things. The mighty Kumbhalgarh Fort and the exquisite Jain Temples at Ranakpur are just an hour’s drive away and the famed Rajput cities of Udaipur and Jodhpur are also easily accessible within 2 and 4 hours respectively.  It, therefore, fits perfectly into any itinerary taking in western Rajasthan and provides a refreshing, unique break from the more urban tourism of the cities.

Rambles in the countryside, night drives, sumptuous spa treatments, sundowners and private dining at a host of inspiring and romantic spots, feasting on fine cuisine, and an ultimately relaxing sojourn in this gorgeously comfortable tented camp, are just some of the spoiling treats to look forward to at Jawai Leopard Camp.

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Reservations:  reservations@sujanluxury.com