Extra thick, Eco friendly mats from Yoga-Mad

How nice to see Yoga finally going green. Yoga-Mad have spent a huge amount of time developing a more ecologically sound alternative to the PVC yoga mat. Their eco friendly mat is made from natural rubber, is PVC free and durable and what’s more it is actually better than a normal PVC yoga mat in terms of grip! As a general rule, avoid mats made of PVC (the traditional sticky mat), which does not break down in landfills and is difficult and costly to recycle.

There are, of course, plenty of contenders out there for the best eco friendly yoga mat. When looking at the options I considered several factors:

(1) Durability – Many people seem to think naturally produced yoga mats are somehow going to fall apart or flake pieces all over the shala! This isn’t necessarily the case but some of the cheaper versions have been somewhat guilty.

(2) Smell – Let’s face it there’s nothing worse in this world than the smell of a cheap yoga mat after weeks of ashtanga in a boiling room, then rolling it up and heading straight to work, then realising – with some nausea – the odour of what you’re carrying round every day. Properly made natural latex seems to lessen this problem, than conventionally produced mats.

(3) Cost – Times are hard and no one wants to save the earth if it means spending double. In sifting through the many eco friendly yoga mats out there, I’ve tried to select one that’s reasonably priced. Personally, I’m happy to pay slightly more for a sustainably produced mat.

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The Yoga-Mad 100% organic cotton yoga rug is part of the new Yoga-Mad Naturals range. This coarse weave rug is designed for Ashtanga or Power yoga where grip whilst sweating is required. The rug’s grip increases as it gets wetter, the opposite to a yoga mat. The rug is often used with a standard mat to keep the rug in place.

This 100% organic cotton yoga belt is useful to assist in attaining correct postures by providing the required tension of a pose without straining. Belts are used for binding in postures such as Supta Padnagusthasana (Reclining Hero stretch), as extensions in forward bends like Urdhvamamukha Janu Sirasana (head on knee) and as support in Paripurna Navasana (the boat).

Blankets are a highly versatile prop that can be folded to provide height in seated postures and to support the head and shoulders in inversions. They can be rolled to support the neck in reclining postures and backbends; and to relieve strain on knees or ankles in poses such as the hero. Yoga-Mad blankets being 100% hand-woven cotton are soft and fold tightly offering good support whilst holding their shape – the key to a good yoga blanket.

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