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(1) Vaccinations – The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends these vaccinations for travellers to India (as well as being up to date for your measles, mumps and rubella)

– Diphtheria and Tetanus single booster recommended if none in the previous 10 years.

– Hepatitis A Provides almost 100% protection for up to a year; a booster after 12 months provides at least another 20 years’ protection.
– Hepatitis B Now considered routine for most travellers.

– Polio In 2007 polio was still present in India. Only one booster is required as an adult for lifetime protection.

– Typhoid Recommended for all travellers to India, even if you only visit urban areas. The vaccine offers around 70% protection, lasts for two to three years and comes as a single shot.

– Varicella If you haven’t had chickenpox discuss this vaccination with your doctor.

– The following immunisations are recommended for long-term travellers (more than one month) or those at special risk:

– Japanese B Encephalitis Three injections in all. Booster recommended after two years.

– Meningitis Single injection. There are two types of vaccination: the quadravalent vaccine gives two to three years’ protection; meningitis group C vaccine gives around 10 years’ protection. Recommended for long-term backpackers aged under 25.

– Rabies Three injections in all. A booster after one year will then provide 10 years’ protection.

– Tuberculosis (TB) A complex issue. Adult long-term travellers are usually recommended to have a TB skin test before and after travel, rather than vaccination. Only one vaccine given in a lifetime.

– The only vaccine required by international regulations is yellow fever, and then only if you have visited a country in the yellow fever zone within the six days prior to entering India. If you are travelling to India from Africa or South America, you should check to see if you require proof of vaccination.

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