The London Indian Film Festival at The Barbican

Last Chance Mumbai (Ek Tho Chance) (12*)
19:45 / Acclaimed director Saeed Akhat Mirza explores the lives of modern Mumbai inhabitants over 24 hours in this stupendous Indian film.
17 July 2010
Cinema 1

Monsoon Wedding actor Vijay Raaz leads an impressive cast of characters in this multi-strand ensemble set in the megalopolis of modern Mumbai.

Acclaimed director Saeed Akhat Mirza explores the lives of the city’s inhabitants over 24 hours; among them street kids hustling and struggling to live, a sleek night thief (Raaz), who inadvertently steals from the wrong car, a self – indulgent millionaire playboy, a corrupt politician, and a love triangle involving a starry-eyed model (Amrita Arora).

As the threads gradually entwine, a tense police hunt unfolds, and each character is caught in a revelational spotlight.

This Indian ‘Short Cuts’ is just as compelling and cleverly crafted as the work of Altman, and co-stars Purab Kohli and Rajat Kapoor.

India 2009 Dir. Saeed Akhtar Mirza 120 min.
In Hindi with English subtitles

Road to Sangam (12A*) UK Premiere
15:45 / Audience Choice award-winner at Mumbai Academy of the Moving Image Film Festival is a story about devout Muslim mechanic Hashmat caught in the dilemma of morals
18 July 2010
Cinema 1

Mahatma Gandhi still evokes powerful feelings of sacrifice and secularism for many Indians, over 60 years after his death.

When Gandhiji’s ashes are discovered, it is decreed that they must be carefully transported to the Hindu holy river Sangam.

A devout Muslim mechanic Hashmat (Paresh Rawal) has been entrusted the job of repairing the historic lorry which will carry the remains of the Mahatma, when everything changes, two local Muslim youths are wrongly arrested for an act of terrorism, a strike is called by a prominent religious leader (Om Puri, East Is East), to protest, and fires of rebellion start to burn. Hashmat is torn between whether to obey the strike and down tools, or follow his other ideals in his dilemma of morals and journey of respect for Gandhi.

Paresh Rawal and Tushar Gandhi co-star in this brilliant new indian film

India 2009 Dir. Amit Rai 135 min.
In Hindi with English subtitles

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