The best yoga mat?

How nice to see the Yoga scene becoming more eco-friendly. EcoYoga are amongst the pioneers in the development of a green alternative to the traditional yoga mat, generally made of PVC we’re afraid to say. EcoYogas version is constructed from durable natural jute and in our opinion actually gives better traction than a normal mat! It’s a great ecologically sound way to practice the yogic injunction to ‘ahimsa’ or non violence to all beings, and it’s easy on the wallet too. You can buy one here

Putting the word out amongst some of our yogi readers, word came back that this mat also performs well in the gruelling Bikram environment, making this the best yoga mat for hot yoga. Like many mats it benefits from a cold or warm cycle through the washing machine when you first get it to soften it up a bit and get rid of any slipperyness. See some of their product info below and let us know if you think there’s a better one out there.

The process of application EcoYoga use to create the ecoYoga jute mats allows for the full characteristic nature of the jute material to be expressed: encased in a unique natural natural rubber compound. Ideal for travelling Yoga enthusiasts. The 2mm mat rolls up to fit in a suitcase or strap to a rucksack. Perfect for carrying to and from your class; to use on it’s own or to place on top of a class mat. These light weight Jute mats have a thinner undercoat of rubber to provide a sound and solid surface when used on hard floors. Used on carpet they provide a non-slip surface. Or take it to class and create your personal space by placing it on the class mat.

Washable – air dry avoiding sunlight

Please note: As the colour of natural rubber varies considerably from batch to batch, this affects the finished colour of the mat also, so colours may be lighter or darker from those shown.

This product is made from natural rubber which has the same origin as latex and though very different in properties, if you have a latex allergy it would be wise to choose a different mat.