Polo holidays in India!

Learn polo under the tutelage of the Jaipur Riding and Polo club , Jaipur, India. Destindia offers an extraordinary opportunity for the polo enthusiast to hone their skills in one of the most renowned polo centres in the world.

Situated in Sirsi village on the outskirts of Jaipur, this world class polo Club is equipped with quality stables, a well-maintained polo field, swimming pool, tennis court and accommodation facilities. Immerse yourself in polo classes and play competitive polo, camel and elephant polo, or go on a safari on horseback. If wanderlust hits you, stay at the Club while you tour around Jaipur and the neighbouring forts and palaces.

Founded by Col. K. S. Garcha, one of India’s most well-known polo players and past coach of the Indian national team. Under the gracious patronage of the Maharani Gayatri Devi and located in a country said to be the cradle of modern polo {and the place where polo first originated}, the Jaipur Polo and Riding Club offers both an invigorating polo playing experience and relaxing resort atmosphere.

Price is USD 500 per day , per person + 4.19% service tax.

Cost Inclusive of :

a. airport pick up
b. accommodation
c. all meals
d. morning riding session under personal instructor (2 horses for 20 minutes each)
e. general info on stable management , shoeing ,etc
f. pre-lunch wooden horse sessions .(40 minutes)
g. stick and ball practice on the field in the afternoon session

Destindia, is an india luxury travel company which prides itself on its local contacts and unique knowledge. Visit their website here.

Destindia is a small independent company offering a very meticulous, personalised experience of India. They offer local contacts, reliable service, authoritative advice, good prices, and an absolute passion for India. If there’s something specific you want added or taken away from the Indian Polo holiday, just ask and they’ll arrange it.