A new collection of Rudyard Kipling’s Travel Writing

“The smell of All Asia boards the ship miles off shore, and holds the passenger’s nose till he is clear of Asia again.”

Kipling, it seems, didn’t only explore India: he was a voracious traveller who visited more than twenty countries and lived on four continents, including not only France, Spain, Italy and Belgium but also the United States and Canada, Brazil, Sweden, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, Algeria, Egypt and Palestine, Japan, China, Burma, Malaya, Singapore, Jamaica and Bermuda. Andrew Lycett’s sensitive selection of Kipling’s travel writing illustrates this to good end, Kipling emerging as a compelling and acute travel writer, up there with any of the genre’s greats. ‘For all his sins (which were many)’ wrote Jad Adams in the Guardian, ‘this excellent selection shows us once again, if we were in any doubt, that this man really could write.