Indian travel writers: Conflict in Kashmir with Victoria Schofield, Basharat Peer and Justine Hardy

Conflict in Kashmir

Justine Hardy – In the Valley of the Mist, Victoria Schofield – Kashmir in Conflict, Basharat Peer – Curfewed Night, with Kamila Shamsie

Tuesday 25 May, 2010 6:45 PM – 7:45 PM
Location: Asia House

Asia House Festival of Asian Literature

Doors 6.15pm

Once South Asia’s greatest tourist draw, Kashmir has since 1989 been the heart of an insurgency that has become the rallying cry for jihadi movements across the region. Victoria Schofield examines the political and historical background of the conflict, while Justine Hardy looks at the more personal impact on the people who live and work in the Valley. In Curfewed Night Basharat Peer reveals the harrowing stories of his return home to Kashmir and of the people he encounters there. They will be in discussion with award winning author Kamila Shamsie.

Tickets £10, Concessions £6
Asia House Friends £5