Bollywood Fashion – India’s Haute Couture

Bollywood fashion

We love color, especially when it’s worn shamelessly. There’s no culture that celebrates color as openly as India, especially in Bollywood. Saris, anarkali suits, and kurtas were made iconic in classic Bollywood films, where they were often featured with bright hues and accessorized by gorgeous headpieces, bracelets and rings made from bright gemstones and radiant gold and silver.
Every person in India has been influenced by Bollywood fashion in one way or another, be it by adding a bright accessory to their outfit, picking a louder necklace or a daring headpiece, or going all out in a trendy sari or anarkali. These are just a few reasons why we love Indian fashion, and how you can incorporate some of the classic looks into your own wardrobe.

Color, color, color

Saris and Anarkali Suits are traditionally worn in certain colors for specific life-cycle events, but the vibrant colors cannot be beat for any occasion. We especially love the teal and blue with gold embroidery – everyone looks like royalty in a sari. Incorporate golds, teals, emerald greens, and reds into your wardrobe to give an Eastern flair to your already-awesome style.


Many people believe that a bright piece of jewelry will compete with a patterned outfit but we know that is just not the case. Pearls, precious gems and heavy metals all go together and you don’t have to wear just one accessory either – chandelier earrings, a headpiece, and a multi-strand necklace all go together in Bollywood. Don’t be afraid to go all out with your accessories on occasion, and mix and match your favorites to make a nod to the over-the-top glamour from the Indian silver screen.


Tradition always has a voice in fashion, but films of late haven’t been afraid to incorporate new trendy styles while still nodding to more conventional looks. Midriff baring saris, tight kurtas, and shorts are newly becoming more popular, giving a more contemporary style to an otherwise very conservative scene. Mix and match tradition with the latest trends to merge two worlds we can’t help but love – Hollywood with Bollywood.

Carly Chodosh is the resident fashionista and social media manager for Pearl & Clasp, a pearl jewelry company that specializes in creating custom pieces and restringing pearl jewelry. Choose one of our many necklace clasps to add a little flair to your old pearl strand.