Basharat Peer – a passionate and important Indian writer

Since 1989, when the separatist movement exploded, more than seventy thousand people have been killed in the battle between India and Pakistan over Kashmir. Born and raised in the war-torn region, Basharat Peer brings this little-known part of the world to life in haunting, vivid detail.

Peer tells stories from his youth and gives gut-wrenching accounts of the many Kashmiris he met years later as a reporter. He chronicles a young man’s initiation into a Pakistani training camp, a mother forced to watch her son hold an exploding bomb by Indian troops, a poet finding religion when his entire family is killed. He writes about politicians living in refurbished torture chambers, idyllic villages rigged with land mines, and ancient Sufi shrines decimated in bomb blasts.

Curfewed Night: A Frontline Memoir of Life, Love and War in Kashmir
is a tale of a man’s love for his land, the pain of leaving home, and the joy of return — as well as a fierce and moving piece of reportage from an intrepid young journalist.

“A passionate and important book — a brave and brilliant report from a conflict the world has chosen to ignore.” — Salman Rushdie

“The story of Kashmir has never been told before so evocatively and profoundly. Peer writes with the skill of a novelist, the insight of a journalist and the evocative power of a poet.”
Ahmad Rashid, author of The Taliban and Descent

Curfewed Night is the finest book I have read on the contemporary Kashmir conflict — literary, humane, clear-eyed, and reliable. Basharat Peer has given voice, unforgettably, to a generation of Kashmiris who have never been heard in the United States, but who should be.”
Steve Coll, author of The Bin Ladens, Ghost Wars, and On the Grand Trunk Road

“Describing the ruin of Kashmir, Curfewed Night doesn’t only shock, it challenges our most cherished beliefs––in democracy, rule of law, and the power of individual conscience. Everyone should read it.”
Pankaj Mishra, author of Temptations of the West

“Peer’s Curfewed Night is an extraordinary memoir that does a great deal to bring the Kashmir conflict out of the realm of political rhetoric between India and Pakistan and into the lives of Kashmiris.” Kamila Shamsie in the Guardian.

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