New Indian travelogue: All Kinds of Magic by Piers Moore Ede

In April 2004, Piers Moore Ede embarked on a very unusual journey. Disheartened by a world seemingly hooked on material wealth and scientific fact, he decided to travel the world in search of something completely other – the magical, the mystical, the numinous.

In All Kinds of Magic, Piers recounts this voyage of re-enchantment, which led him from snow-blanketed villages in the Himalayas to a dappled, ancient Sufi quarter in Delhi; from the world’s largest religious festival on the banks of the swollen Ganges to tiny, covert communities of whirling dervishes in rural Turkey. He met remarkable individuals who appeared to be able to heal any ailment, channel powerful deities, glimpse the future or transcend everyday consciousness by imbibing strange, bitter herbs. Along the way he began to explore what spirituality means to us now, and what it can and ought to mean in our looming future of political, economic and environmental uncertainty.

Lyrical and clear-sighted, All Kinds of Magic is a fascinating quest to the hidden world of miracles that is at once deeply personal and universal in its scope.

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