5 Supplements to Beat the Indian Stomach Bugs When Travelling

Travelling to a new place inevitably exposes you to new bugs that you may not be equipped to deal with. India has long has a tough reputation for the pressures it puts on the travellers stomach. So go prepared with the following in your tool kit to ensure you miss as a little of this wonderful country as possible.

5 Supplements to Cure Delhi Belly

Nano Silver Spray

Nano Silver is getting a lot of attention at the moment. Silver is one of the most potent antimicrobials in nature and, when combined with zinc and delivered at nano size, the results are significant.

Keeping a handy Nano Silver Zinc ENT spray in your bag for a quick burst before you tuck into that street-food you’re not sure about.


Indian’s own neem tree is an incredible stomach medicine, killing fungi, parasites and microbes without the harmful effects of antibiotics on your microbiome.

You can get this from pretty much any chemist in India as its popular in Ayurveda.


This potent extract of grapefruit seeds is to be used cautiously as too much of it can be very harsh on the stomach. But used in the correct doses this stuff is miraculous. You can also dilute it into a spray bottle, and wipe surfaces with it if your room needs a little tlc.


Keep your microbiome healthy by purchasing a heat resistant priobiotic before departure. These friendly gut bacteria will prevent digestive troubles, hasten the healing from diarrhea and generally prove a valuable asset as your stomach gurgles fron Kerala to Kathmandu.

Marine Phytoplankton

Well this one isn’t an antimicrobial, but it packs the greatest nutritional punch of any food in the universe and that will help your keep strong, energised and with maximum immunity. Many travellers skimp on fresh foods in India for fear of exposing themselves to risk and that ultimately lowers their immune systems. So a spoonful of marine phtoplankton powder each day is a travellers friend. Oh and don’t worry it’s 100% vegan. Perhaps those whales know a thing or two ?