10 things to pack when trekking in India

Some of our recommendations for your Indian trekking packing list.

(1) Anti bacterial handwash – Your first line of defence against the infamous Delhi belly.

(2) Suncream – Pack some if you rely on specific Western brands you’re used to.

(3) Mosquito Net – Depending on your budget, a travel net that you can hang up where necessary can be the difference between a terrible nights sleep and a peaceful one. Some small hooks which screw into the wall can make stringing it up easier too.

(4) A packet of acidophilus capsules (heat resistent) for keeping the stomach healthy.

(4) Hiking water bottle – don’t be one of those people wasting three plastic bottles a day. Fill up from safe sources and carry it around with you.

(5) Tampons or Sanitary towels if you’re going somewhere remote.

(6) Headlamp or flashlight

(7) Mosquito repellent

(8) Padlock and chain (useful for securing your bag on trains)

(9) Ear plugs

(10) Photocopies of passport, travellers cheques no’s etc.